How to Create Your Own Software For Your Niche

First I’ll tell you what kind of apps I have created with this new software creator so you can understand the types of applications you can create. My first app was just a simple Birdwatching Journal. It includes fields for Time and Date, Notes, about 8 photos can be added to each record, notes for each photo, and a few more fields for Type of bird, common name, location, etc., etc. My next software was a Travel Journal, then a dating journal, a travel agents log and trip pricer and organizer. You can see that the possibilities are endless, as long as people need to manage information, I can create it with this new software creator.

When creating my own software with this new software creator, I first must know what I want to be included in it. So to start off, I get a pen and pad and start writing down the fields I want to include. Sorta like a mind-map. I know I need to create different software objects, and in turn they will be added to my different software projects.

So my software object is where I begin, in it will be what we call editors, the editors are the fields you will include in your object. I name my object first, and edit the settings like the Navigation Text, and the caption, and the type of object. Since this is a new object, I will use the custom object so I can customize it the way I like. The other types of objects can fill a whole book, so we won’t go into them here. Next I click on the editors tab, and click new editor, then I get my pad and start adding the editors I wrote down to my software object 1 at a time, being careful to give them all unique names to avoid any errors or conflicts, and choosing the type of editor it is, ‘text’ ‘memo’ ‘currency’ ‘numeric’, ‘check-box’, radio box, drop-down box, and the list goes on. You can even add hyperlinks with your affiliate links in them right inside the software. I just add an editor then click save and new and add the next one, going down my whole list until I have added all my fields.

And with that, my software object is done. Now it’s time to create a Software project to add my object to. Software Projects can contain as many software objects as needed, and the database created with these projects can hold up to 4TB of data. Software objects are also reusable in other projects, so you have unlimited design capabilities.

So now we move onto the Software project section of the builder, give our software project a name, and description for our own use. Check off whether or not to let it be brand-able (yes you can create software that other companies can re-brand with their own logos splash screens etc.). Then we give our software a title, version, pick a skin to use, give it a category, and help file path. Choose the icon we want to use, and choose our splash screen.

On the installation tab, we enter our company info, website, help URL, update URL, installation password if needed, compression mode (this is where we decide how the installation files will be packaged, from compressed web exe to uncompressed directory layout), and whether or not to create a desktop  or quick launch icon or both upon installation.

On the next tab we can decide if we want to allow trial usage, how many trials, and we can add a Trial Activation Serial if we want, and we can add some HTML to the box there that we can use to add an opt in box to the splash screen of the trial splash. Very useful for building a list of subscribers in your chosen niche.

Now we go to the bottom section and add our software object by clicking the + sign and selecting the software object we created earlier. Click save, and now at the top of this new software creator, we go to the miscellaneous tab and click Run.

Our software will now execute, so we can perform the final layout.

We start by selecting our software object in the Navigation menu on the side, and click new. This brings up our software object for customization. We right click in between objects and select ‘Customize Layout’ , this mode allows us to Drag and Drop our fields or editors anywhere we want them to be situated. We can group a few together, group them all together, add blank space, separators, add tabs, add tabs to tabs, the sky is the limit here when it come to the visual design of our software.

Once we have it all laid out the way we like it, we hit the close button, and when it asks to save we say no, unless we are adding pre-filled data to our app, then we save it.

Once you are done either adding data or not, its time to create our executable, and its as easy as hitting ‘create set-up’ button next to the ‘run’ button we used earlier, and naming our file. this new software creator then builds your executable files for you to distribute to your clients.

I hope this helps you see how easy it is to create your own software with this new software creator. The software you create can be sold or given away for free or with trial uses. You can also export layouts and give them to others to re-brand as their own. The uses are endless.

Pregnancy Nutrition and Diet – Key to a Healthy Future

The onset of pregnancy signifies someone new coming into your life. The thought is rather exhilarating, as you start to contemplate how he or she will be like – personality, quirks, likes and dislikes. You feel excited over the bond the two of you will share, and the strong connection that the two of you will have. You start counting down the days until you can finally get to meet the being that is growing inside of you. Although you may not have complete control over how his or her personality and preferences would be like, you do have control over the baby’s health conditions at birth, and general state of wellness even after that – and this is through having the proper pregnancy nutrition and diet.

In the same way that a 5-year old child’s nutritional requirements are different from a 60-year old woman’s nutritional requirements, a baby’s nutritional needs also vary throughout the different stages of pregnancy. It is essential to have regular check-ups and consultations with your doctor so you can work out the proper pregnancy nutrition and diet plan for you. There are, however, general guidelines for pregnancy nutrition and diet, which, when followed, would result to having a healthy baby:
o Taking multivitamins daily to supplement the vitamins and minerals obtained from the healthy food items you eat
o Obtaining 30 mg of iron daily
o Consuming 400 mg of folic acid daily
o Having a proper and well-balanced diet that consists of a variety of nutritious foods

But pregnant or not, it would always be beneficial to follow a healthy nutrition and diet plan. By doing so, a woman would get used to having a healthy lifestyle while reaping the maximum benefits of proper nutrition as well. Moreover, she would not have to go through such drastic changes when undergoing a pregnancy nutrition and diet plan, and which will allow the following for the baby:
o Ensured brain development
o Ensured nervous system formation and development
o The likelihood of any defects or complications during birth is lessened
o The immune system is strengthened in order to combat any possible illnesses

Providing the best possible care and nutrition for your baby while it is still in your womb through the observance of a pregnancy nutrition and diet plan would provide positive long-term effects for your baby’s health and wellness, and as for yours as well.

The moment when your baby would finally be born into the world, when you would be able to hear his or her first cry, and would be able to see his or her features, would be nothing but magical. It would be devastatingly heartbreaking, then, if you would suddenly learn that your baby is doing poorly in terms of health just because he or she was not supplied with the proper nutrition during the pregnancy. As such, it is essential to eat right for both you and your baby during your pregnancy. At this point, food quality should be given more focus than food quantity. You must make sure not to eat too much, and to eat the types of food that would best provide the nutritional needs for your baby. A good pregnancy nutrition and diet plan suggests the following:
o Eat up to 7 daily servings of fruits and vegetables
o Limit consumption of fatty foods
o Consume whole grain food products such as whole wheat bread
o Eat lean beef and other protein sources, but do so moderately

The outcome of following a sensible and healthy pregnancy nutrition and diet plan is a healthy and strong child not just at birth, but for years to come.

Websphere Commerce – Doing Business With More Ease

In this ever-changing era of technology and portability, no business regardless of how small or large it is, can survive without keeping their infrastructure modernized and updated. The tactics of doing business have changed with the potential emergence of internet as a global trading hub; now the e-presence of your business matters a lot and has same significance as your physical location. With the intervention of e-commerce, doing business across the globe has become quite reliable, secure and fast.

Web-sphere commerce is a complete integrated e-commerce package which allows both small and enterprise level businesses to operate their e-businesses smoothly and effectively by fulfilling all their major needs varying from marketing to sales and from order processing to customer support. The reasons for preference of web sphere commerce over other e-commerce tools are its simple interface, giving one stop solution, flexibility in customization and reliability.

With this technology the ability of doing business has enhances a lot regardless of either it’s between business to business, business to consumers or business though indirect means/partners or all these at a single time. The modernized use of technologies like Java- Java EE accompanied with some open standards like XML or web service.

Making it easier to understand a web-sphere commerce solution comprises of three main components i.e.

• A database- For data storage that can be used in near future

• An application server-

• A web server- for the interaction of electronic devices over a network/internet

As mentioned above that web sphere commerce is a highly customizable solution and every business has its own requirements to be fulfilled therefore IBM provides with an integrated development environment so that businesses can easily test their customizations which then helps them in extending/changing their:

• Business logic

• The look and feel of store/tools

• Developing new logics to meet challenging requirements of their business

Web-sphere commerce and its development environment can be categorized into three editions respectively, each having its own set of functionalities and operations which can

• Express

• Professional

• Enterprise or business edition

• Developer Express,

• Developer Professional

• Developer Enterprise

There are various versions of web sphere commerce each having its own compatibilities with databases, operating systems etc. Moreover with the recent advancements in technology IBM has launched different versions in the recent past each having some new and unique features and functionalities as compare to the last previous model available, which makes the business more easy for the organizations.