Websphere Commerce – Doing Business With More Ease

In this ever-changing era of technology and portability, no business regardless of how small or large it is, can survive without keeping their infrastructure modernized and updated. The tactics of doing business have changed with the potential emergence of internet as a global trading hub; now the e-presence of your business matters a lot and has same significance as your physical location. With the intervention of e-commerce, doing business across the globe has become quite reliable, secure and fast.

Web-sphere commerce is a complete integrated e-commerce package which allows both small and enterprise level businesses to operate their e-businesses smoothly and effectively by fulfilling all their major needs varying from marketing to sales and from order processing to customer support. The reasons for preference of web sphere commerce over other e-commerce tools are its simple interface, giving one stop solution, flexibility in customization and reliability.

With this technology the ability of doing business has enhances a lot regardless of either it’s between business to business, business to consumers or business though indirect means/partners or all these at a single time. The modernized use of technologies like Java- Java EE accompanied with some open standards like XML or web service.

Making it easier to understand a web-sphere commerce solution comprises of three main components i.e.

• A database- For data storage that can be used in near future

• An application server-

• A web server- for the interaction of electronic devices over a network/internet

As mentioned above that web sphere commerce is a highly customizable solution and every business has its own requirements to be fulfilled therefore IBM provides with an integrated development environment so that businesses can easily test their customizations which then helps them in extending/changing their:

• Business logic

• The look and feel of store/tools

• Developing new logics to meet challenging requirements of their business

Web-sphere commerce and its development environment can be categorized into three editions respectively, each having its own set of functionalities and operations which can

• Express

• Professional

• Enterprise or business edition

• Developer Express,

• Developer Professional

• Developer Enterprise

There are various versions of web sphere commerce each having its own compatibilities with databases, operating systems etc. Moreover with the recent advancements in technology IBM has launched different versions in the recent past each having some new and unique features and functionalities as compare to the last previous model available, which makes the business more easy for the organizations.

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